Welcome to the School of Informatics at the University of Tsukuba

The School of Informatics is an undergraduate school, founded in April 2007, aimed toward nurturing specialists in computer science and engineering to deal with the increased dependence on computer systems and networks in recent years. The School offers cutting-edge curricula while maintaining the traditions of the University of Tsukuba, originally founded in 1872, as the Tokyo higher normal school, one of the oldest universities in Japan.

The view from Kasuga pond The ginkgo trees in the University of Tsukuba

The School is a major international institution for research and education in information science, computer science, and engineering. Additionally, it is one of the largest institutions in Japan and covers theory, practice, research and education from both software and hardware perspectives. There are more than 130 academic members (professors, associate professors and assistant professors) in the School.

Laboratory of Advanced Research B One of Computer Rooms in the School of Informatics

The School is made up of the following 3 colleges:
- College of Information Science
- College of Media Arts, Science and Technology
- College of Knowledge and Library Sciences
Follow the web site links above to obtain further information and details for each College.