Dean's Welcome
Provost's portrait
Professor Koichi Wada
Dean, School of Informatics
University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan

Welcome to School of Informatics!

It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you to School of Informatics, University of Tsukuba.

The School of Informatics (student capacity 230 and transfer student capacity 30) was established in April 2007, integrating "College of Information Sciences" and "School of Library and Information Science". The School is composed of three colleges: College of Information Science (student capacity 80 and transfer student capacity 10); College of Media Arts, Science and Technology (student capacity 50 and transfer student capacity 10); College of Knowledge and Library Sciences (student capacity 100 and transfer student capacity 10). In April 2016, about 140 faculty members are involved in teaching and research.

The School aims to develop human resources who can understand social and cultural activities developed by all information technologies such as recording, accumulating, sharing, processing, utilizing, and their related basic sciences to create future information environments.

The curriculum covers virtually all aspects of information sciences such as the fields of science and engineering both in hardware and software, and the field of integration of arts and sciences related to Media, Content and Knowledge.

We offer a distinctive education program "Embedded Technology Campus OJT" which is the industry-university cooperation program with advanced IT venture companies. We provide a private room for the participants of this program. We create an atmosphere to help them to master advanced technologies from IT venture engineers. These engineers come to our university to teach and interact with the participants of this exciting program.

The University of Tsukuba is "open in every sense" in its policy and currently the university proceeds toward creating and developing a perceived future. Imagine the Future! The world of information has changed drastically from the age of one field of conventional engineering to the new movement of Information Technology such as cloud computing, big data and M2M (Machine to Machine). This, however, requires advanced technology, which not only causes social and education issues, but also needs to maintain security of information environments. Excellent talents are indispensable in this challenging situation.

The School of Informatics fosters to develop specialists of Informatics who contribute to these challenges and we welcome you here to challenge them with us in the heart of Tsukuba Science City.

Koichi Wada
Dean of School of Informatics, University of Tsukuba

April 2018