About the School of Informatics

Our society and culture have been built on the knowledge and technologies to create, express, record, use and share information and knowledge of our communities. The progress of the information and communication technologies of today has greatly affected communication between humans. The revolutionary growth of the networked information society over the last decade would not have been possible without the rapid progress of the Internet and mobile phone networks.

This fundamental change of our information environment has deeply affected our lives in business and at home. The change has significantly increased the need not only for developing new information technologies but also the need to gain a thorough understanding of our networked information society.

The School of Informatics, which is a new school at the University of Tsukuba dedicated to informatics for the 21st century, consists of three colleges:

- the College of Information Science,
- the College of Media Arts, Science and Technology, and
- the College of Knowledge and Library Sciences.

The School of Informatics is creating leading professionals who have a profound understanding of the science and technology of information and knowledge and are qualified to work in the growing networked information society.