Overview of Colleges in the School of Informatics

College of Information Science
The college is designed not only to help students master the current technology but also to train them how to think critically and develop insights to solve various problems. About 30% of graduates are employed in production industries such as computers, electronics, automobiles, and service industries such as banks, trading companies, and mass media companies. About 70% enroll in graduate schools.
College of Media Arts, Science and Technology
The College of Media Arts, Science and Technology offers lectures by those people active at the forefront of content and media businesses. This allows students to learn methods and approaches for creating the new ideas and concepts necessary for applied development and business development and to acquire the ability to propose, materialize, and implement project plans.
College of Knowledge and Library Sciences
The discipline of library and information science deals with the integration of understanding and the culture of information, cultivated by libraries since ancient times, with computer-based information sciences and technologies. Through an education curriculum which balances knowledge and techniques related to this science with theory and application, the College of Knowledge and Library Sciences intends to provide instruction to persons both distributing and providing information in our highly data-centered society.