Extension lectures (only in Japan)

We hold special lectures to help high school and technical college students decide on the right field and school. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing your questions and receiving your applications.

  1. Inquiries
    address : Inquiry office
    School of Informatics, University of Tsukuba
    1-2 Kasuga Tsukuba Ibaraki, 305-8550, Japan
    telephone: +81-(0)29-859-1110
    facsimile: +81-(0)29-859-1162
    email : inquiry-inf [AT] inf.tsukuba.ac.jp
  2. Type of lectures
  3. Important notes for prospective students
    Please provide the following information:
    Please send us an e-mail as soon as you know the details of the lecture such as