University of Tsukuba is a comprehensive university that covers all interdisciplinary fields with over 2,200 instructors. It is located on the Tsukuba campus, which has a vast site that is unparalleled in the whole country, with 6km north and south and 1km east and west, where most of this is located. The informatics group is located in the third area (middle area) and the kasuga area (kasuga area) of the Tsukuba campus.

How to get to the School of Informatics

The Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station is the nearest train station to the University of Tsukuba. The Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal is located next to the station. The overview of route map is here.

Air (from Narita International Airport to Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal)

Narita International Airport is linked to the Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal by the Airport Limosine Bus. It operates a direct service and takes about 60 minutes.

Rail or Bus (to the Tsukuba Train Station)

By the Tsukuba Express

It will takes about 45 minites from JR Akihabara station in Tokyo. The distance between Akihabara and Tokyo train station is about 2 km.

By Express Bus

From Yaesu South Exit in JR Tokyo station, an Express bus to the University of Tsukuba will take about 90 minutes under normal traffic condition.

Bus (from Tsukuba Center Bus Station to the University of Tsukuba)

It takes about 10 minutes by Campus Bus, Clockwise (Daigaku Junkan, Migi-Mawari) and Counter-clockwise (Daigaku Junkan, Hidari-Mawari).

Synoptic Map for Tsukuba City (in Japanese)