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Campus Life

It covers the campus of University of Tsukuba, characteristics of student life, support system, campus events, etc.

Campus / Facilities
Campus, Student housing, Training facilities, Welfare facilities, etc.
Student Housing / Apartment Information
Accommodation, Apartment, etc.
On-campus events
University of Tsukuba School Festival (Hakuho Festival), Sports Day, etc.
Systems that support student life
Public student organizations (Zendaikai), University-approved student groups, etc.
Extracurricular activities
Association of cultural circles, Physical education, Arts circles, etc.
University of Tsukuba’s study abroad system
Exchange study system, Q&A, International student center, etc.
Scholarship system/study support
Exemption from entrance fees, Exemption from tuition fees, Accommodation / Apartment, Part-time job introduction, etc.
University of Tsukuba public relations publications
University of Tsukuba overview, University of Tsukuba newspaper, STUDENTS, etc.
Teaching license, Employment information, Health management (Health management center), etc.
For more detailed information, please refer to the following URL: https://www.tsukuba.ac.jp/en/